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   Heartbeat of Monroe is a Life Affirming, Christ centered, non profit center that was founded in 1973. We have been serving Monroe and the surrounding areas continuously since then. Heartbeat started small, just a room at the Leslow Center, and now occupies a building that allows for all of the services we are blessed to offer.  
   We offer a Newborn Care Class to our expectant moms, a Toddler Class for those who are dealing with toddlers in their "terrible twos" and Parenting Classes aimed at improving the bond between parent and child. We are able to provide our clients with diapers, formula, food, clothing and other items they might need for their little ones. There is never a charge for any of the services we offer.  
   We are blessed to continue our outreach to this community and are proud of the work that Heartbeat has done over the years to help improve the lives of those who come to us. 
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